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I am Brendan “Weimy” Weimholt and for 20 years I carried knives in a professional setting as a SEAL in the US Navy.  I take pride in being a veteran as I’ve learned and experienced much due to the military.  I’ve used a knife in every situation, from killing game and preparing meals in the field, to cutting M112 demolition blocks for explosive charges.  Throughout my career I quickly understood that a sharp, strong and reliable knife was arguably “the” most important tool in any situation.


I began making knives in 2012 after seeking knowledge from a local blacksmith guild following a return from a rough overseas deployment.  Once I gained some basic knowledge of the forging process, the idea of hammering steel into a usable tool more than intrigued me, I became obsessed with it and sought to learn more.  In order to hone my skills, I traveled around the country to learn from multiple Master Bladesmiths and because of this, my learning curve has greatly decreased.


I forge my blades, like many old-world artisans before me, using high carbon steel. I do this because the best knives I’ve used throughout my career have been forged from high carbon steel and I can’t find it’s equal. Although the whole process is much more involved, I love the process of heating, forging, and quenching steel most.   All of my knives are hand made in my garage shop and possess a great deal of character.  This you won’t find with factory stamped and shaped blades. 


What started as a hobby has morphed through an obsession, and now into a family business. My wife Shannon is the brain behind Weimy Cutlery. She runs all aspects outside the shop (social media, web page, packaging and shipping, etc.) which is far more arduous than actually forging blades. As both my sons started watching me create knives, curiosity turned to interest and now my oldest son is learning to do some of his own work as well as assist me in the shop.  James, my youngest, loves “metaling” with dad. I truly enjoy watching my “hobby” bring our family even closer.


It seems that in this day and age society is far to prideful as a whole. It is universally unpleasant to work with people who lack humility.  I have lived the majority of my life in the cross hairs of danger and owe my continued existence only to God. I strive to keep humility as a front running quality in my life and everyday teach my children the same thing. 


Thank you for visiting our page and know we are grateful for your business and support.

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