Magnetic Single Knife Puck

Magnetic Single Knife Puck

Let’s talk knife storage! There are 3 main ways in which you can store your knives. Knife blocks, knife drawers and magnetic knife holders. There are many benefits of using a magnetic knife holder. They're a space saver by keeping knives out of the way and without taking up counter space. Edge retention. Both blocks and drawers make direct contact with the cutting edge of the blade and in doing so can dull and or even chip the blade. Magnetic holders provide air flow around the knife which keep the blade dry and clean. Typical knife blocks can retain moisture around the blades. Knife drawers and blocks are typically crafted with pre-made slots not allowing for different thickness and length in your hand forged kitchen knives. When it comes to knife storage here at Weimy Cutlery, we prefer the practicality of a magnetic knife holder as well as the sleek and clean look. It's a great way to show off prized cutlery pieces while questions and conversations with guests are sure to follow.

  • Product Info.

    Round: 2.27 in. Retangle: 2.75 in

    Thickness: .85 in.

    Fiddleback Maple Wood

    Strongest Neodymium Magnets Available

    Industrial 3M VHB Double-Sided Tape

    *Leather appears lighter in photos.